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Required Documents

To help make your underwriting experience with our NUC more efficient, here is helpful information around the documentation required for Non-Delegated submission types.

Document Requirements

Full Doc
Pre Qual
MI Application*
Credit Report
Appraisal Report
Verification of Employment
Verification of Income
Verification of Cash Reserves
Optional (based on transaction)
Full Doc
Pre Qual
Sales Contract**
DU/LP findings
Lender's Underwriting Approval
Condominium HOA Questionaire***
Condominium Budget/Balance Sheet***

* Not required when loan is registered via e-PMI&
** Required for purchase transaction only
*** When DU Limited or LP Streamlined review is not allowed by PMI


Your request for MI travels fastest online through our secure e-PMI Origination system:

  • Register your loan at – no separate MI application needed.

  • Upload your documents – no classification needed.

  • Important: Send an electronic copy of the appraisal report. If you can't upload the report, email it to our appraisal specialist. Fax copies are discouraged as they can be too difficult to read.

Not signed on to e-PMI?

Or need help? That's quick and easy too: just contact your PMI representative or call 800.966.4PMI (4764).

Minimum documentation needed to initiate MI

  • The MI application (unless you are using e-PMI for submissions), the fully completed 1003/1008, and the credit report(s).

  • Additional required documents depend on the submission type: Full Doc or Pre-Qual. See Document Requirements chart above for additional details. Provide all pages of each document you submit. (Be aware of double-sided documents.) Ensure all documents are legible and printed so that no information is cut off.

  • Mind the "if" scenarios:
    • If the loan has already been underwritten internally or by your investor's underwriter, send their decision notice detailing the conditions. That way, we won't ask you for it.

    • If the loan was run through DU® or LP, send us the latest findings to help us understand what you are required to provide for approval.

  • Do not send loan disclosure documents; we do not review them as part of our MI underwriting process.

When submitting condition documents requested by the PMI underwriter

  • Send all documents at once to minimize the number of times you – and we – have to re-open and re-underwrite the loan file.

Not signed on to e-PMI? Or need help? That's quick and easy too: just contact your PMI account representative or call 800.966.4PMI (4764).


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